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Meet Gigi

by Chun Yang 19 Jun 2023
Gigi, our fourth adopted stray. She's a striking ginger cat who's overcome great adversity. Found underweight and frail at only 2kg, she'd suffered through multiple street pregnancies.

Now, after receiving plenty of care, she's blossomed into a healthy and majestic figure. While she can be fiery and a bit of a bully with our other cats, we adore her deeply. We cherish her resilience and are committed to providing a life for her that's free from suffering.

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Shopping Rescue Trip

User For every pet product you purchase, we will use 10% of your payment to support the rescue of stray cats and dogs.

The wonderful power of shopping

When I first walked into that little pet supply store called "Love Pet House", I didn't realize that this would become a place that would change my life. That day, I just bought some daily necessities for my cat and dog. In front of the shelves, I noticed a small sign on the counter, which read: "For every transaction, we will use 10% of the income to support stray cat and dog rescue projects." This simple sentence My interest was piqued and I started asking the store clerk for details about the item. With their gushing introduction, I learned that this pet house has been committed to rescuing stray animals. And every customer’s purchase becomes a part of the rescue. I was so moved that I decided to turn my shopping into a more meaningful action. From that day on, every purchase I made became a "shopping rescue trip." I started to choose more products, not only for my pets, but also for those homeless little lives. Every time I pay, I know that 10% of the amount will be used to support relief projects, which makes my shopping meaningful. Gradually, I am no longer a simple customer, but an advocate of this caring project. I share my story on social media to urge more people to join this wonderful cause. My friends responded and became part of the Shopping Rescue Tour. This small pet house has become a force to save stray animals by inspiring acts of kindness from its customers. And I found a more meaningful lifestyle because of a simple shopping trip. Shopping is no longer just about satisfying needs, but has become a wonderful power to change your destiny.

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